Focused on Fit

A better way to track food and exercise. Lose weight or gain muscle with our iPhone app!

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Track everything in one app

Ditch the pen and paper, or using multiple apps to track food, exercise, and progress.

Focused On Fit Homepage Online Food Diary

Want to lose weight or build more muscle? Experts agree that keeping track of your daily diary of food and drink are essential to weight loss. Understanding your daily caloric consumption allows you to make adjustments throughout the day.

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Focused On Fit Homepage Create & Share Recipes

Cooking your own food is the best way to stay healthy and fit. But are your recipes truly healthy? Create them on our site and calculate its nutritional value. Use our site to share your healthy recipes with your friends. We also provide special Focused on Fit recipes to incorporate in your diet to help you stay on track.

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Focused On Fit Homepage Log Your Exercises

Are you a regular at the gym or just getting started? Keeping track of your workouts is critical to improving week after week and seeing real results. Ditch the notebook and track your workouts using our extensive exercise database.

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Focused On Fit Homepage Record Your Long Runs

Want to integrate your cardio workouts with our nutrition and exercise trackers? We import from Apple Health. Any app that saves to Health, can be imported into your exercise log.

Focused On Fit Homepage Track Your Progress

Looking to lose weight? Want to shrink your middle? Tracking your progress over time is critical to reaching your goals. Track your weight, body fat, waist circumference, and numerous other measurements to see your progress over time.

Focused On Fit Homepage Reach Your Goals

Looking to get stronger? Lose weight? Setting goals, even small milestones, are critical to our human need to succeed. By setting goals every week, every month, every quarter, you can stay focused on fit.