Benefits of keeping an exercise journal

Like a food diary, keeping track of your daily exercise can set you up for success when it comes to staying in shape. Often overlooked by gym-goers trying to find a quick fix, keeping an exercise journal can help anyone stay disciplined and focused, while helping them achieve their long-term goals. Regardless of the goal – weight loss, muscle gain, improving strength, speed or endurance – a fitness journal can help you monitor your daily routine and visualize your progress over time. 

Losing weight isn’t easy. If it were, there wouldn’t be countless tools to help us – workout videos, Weight Watchers, online fitness trackers, apps. All of these help us get and stay motivated to achieve the change we want to see in our bodies. Motivation can be difficult because progress can be slow and almost negligible. An exercise journal can provide just that – a source of motivation – especially for those that like to monitor the routine, and complete a daily fitness plan. To that end, that motivation may come from being able to visualize your progress over time. This is a key benefit of keeping an exercise journal. At Focused on Fit, this feature is best illustrated through the 1-rep maximum feature in the weight training tracker. The 1-rep max is the maximum amount of force that can be generated in 1 maximal contraction.  The 1-rep max can be a small daily goal to achieve when exercising, which is a great visualization of progress even in one exercise. Being able to see small gains everyday is very necessary given that the long-term gains of weight loss or muscle gain take much longer to achieve. Over time, this progress will be sure to help users reach their goals. Within Focused on Fit, a user can set specific goals – a target weight, a target waist circumference, a target body fat percentage – and then by tracking their fitness routine can work toward those goals. The site will even highlight progress that the user has made over time in a bar graph and celebrate with the user with a congratulatory email when they achieve a goal. Finally, none of this can be accomplished without the key critical features of a fitness tracker – the ability for the user to plan ahead and provide focus, while providing consistency and discipline over time. Achieving fitness goals can look sexy, but the day-to-day routine is anything but sexy. It’s boring and routine, but the key to a fitness tracker like Focused on Fit, is the focus, consistency and discipline it can offer users to accomplish those goals. Get started now on accomplishing your goals!