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Why is Wall Pilates so popular?

Do you love at-home workouts? I do! I love the accessibility of these workouts, the ability to do them anytime during the day and most importantly, I don’t have to get childcare every time I plan a workout. What’s the latest trend in at-home workouts? Wall Pilates! In case you missed it, everyone is doing […]

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The Massive Health Benefits of Magnesium

So many supplements. So little time to make sense of what is good for you and what is just another unnecessary supplement. Magnesium plays a crucial role in you brain and body. In fact, most Americans don’t get enough magnesium in their diets. And those chronically low levels of magnesium can affect your health – […]

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Four Ways to Stay Healthy this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the height of summer and everyone is in a great mood. The kids are out of school and they can really let loose and enjoy the outdoors. Families and friends gather to enjoy the beach, pool or lake to take in all that nature […]

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin C

We are thick in the middle of cold, flu and COVID season, and everyone is coughing or has the sniffles right? Is it a cold or an allergy? Regardless, the minute we hear a cough or a sneeze, so many think to take your vitamins. When you think of one of the ultimate vitamins for […]


The Power of Connection

It’s been too long, friends. In fact, it’s been nearly 2 years. Sorry for the silence, but we appreciate your patience, support and friendship. Have we had a lot going on??? Absolutely. We welcomed our beautiful baby Devin to our family, back in late September of 2019. He is just perfect and has made our […]


How do you know when you’re stressed?

Well, hello there. Yes, it’s been too long. I know. 12 months to be exact. Yes, we had a baby, but there has been a lot of other things going on in our world. And in your world too. So, I hope you have given yourself some grace, as I did, so let’s talk about […]

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Our Top 5 Amazon Prime Day Deals

How would we have survived the pandemic and the height of the quarantine without Amazon? No, seriously, I think some of our neighbors have even commented on the quantity of deliveries that we do get to our home. Let’s just put it this way – we took the pandemic very seriously, lol. Thankfully, we have […]


How to make the perfect smoothie

Smoothies make for an amazing meal, anytime time of the day. With the right components, you can easily enjoy a complete and balanced meal right from your blender. Our app, Simply Smoothies, can help you make the perfect smoothie, and maximize all the right nutrients every time. Lately, I have switched my morning protein shake to […]


Can a group workout replace happy hour?

One of the biggest fitness trends of 2020 – an increasing popularity of group workouts. In fact, some say it will begin to replace the social standard of happy hour. In America, this would be a huge shift in our culture. American culture finds it more socially acceptable to imbibe in a few drinks rather […]