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5 reasons to buy an air fryer

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past few years, you are familiar with my fitness and health journey. When I first met Nate 8 years ago, I was overweight by medical standards, very sedentary, and a very unhealthy eater given my hectic travel schedule. At the same time, I was diagnosed with hypertension, which was truly eye-opening. As a first-generation Indian-American, I was genetically cursed with multiple risk factors for heart disease – my ethnic background, my father passed of a heart attack 23 years ago, and my maternal grandmother had type 2 diabetes. I grew up eating a diet rich in carbohydrates and fat, and far too low in protein – the typical diet of a South Indian family. Fried foods were very common, including pakora, potato bhaji, and papadum. So, so tasty, buy very deadly. In fact in 2006, I gave up eating french fries, so that I could take a step in the right direction when it came to fried foods. This Christmas, Nate gave my mother (who loves fried foods) an air fryer, and we have already put it to use. As you know, we love our kitchen gadgets, and this one is particularly useful for healthy eating and staying focused on fit!

What is an Air Fryer?

This amazing kitchen appliance allows you to indulge me to indulge in those fried foods that I had given up so many years ago. Instead of frying foods in tons of oil, an air fryer uses hot-air circulation to ‘fry’ the foods from all angles, requiring almost no oil at all.

Benefits of Air Frying

  • Lower fat and lower calorie – Clearly this is the #1 reason to purchase an air fryer. You can indulge in so many fried foods that perhaps you have avoided over the years. Less oil means less fat and less calories. When your food is air fried, it still comes out crispy and tasty, without being soaked in oil. Many models claim to utilize 80% less oil than deep fryers, meaning you may be able to cut down fat and calories by as much as 80%!
  • Less mess – Have you every deep fried anything in your kitchen? If so, you know this process can be very messy. Oil splatters everywhere and clean up can be difficult. Plus, disposing of large quantities of oil is wasteful and can be challenging. The air fryer uses much less or no oil, meaning no oil splatters and no wasted oil. The appliance itself usually comes out relatively clean and most of the parts are even dishwasher safe!
  • Faster prep – One of the biggest reasons Americans don’t cook everyday – time. Our busy schedules often prohibit us from spending even 30 minutes in the kitchen to whip up dinner. The air fryer will help you cut down on cooking time. French fries can be ‘fried’ in only 12 minutes, and even better, you don’t have to watch over a pot of hot oil, managing the cooking process. You can air fry your foods while getting other things done in the kitchen.
  • Multipurpose – My pet peeve: a single-purpose kitchen appliance. Why waste the space in your kitchen, especially coveted countertop space with an appliance that only does one thing? Not only can you product perfect ‘fried’ chicken wings with an air fryer, but you can also bake, roast and grill in this multipurpose appliance. You know we love roasting vegetables as an easy and healthy way to eat vegetables; I plan to try out the air fryer for roasting this weekend! My other favorite multipurpose appliance – our new Multi Cooker!
  • Safe and simple – Using an air fryer will keep you and your family safe by minimizing the risk of burns with hot oil splatters. This makes this appliance perfect for everyone, including teenagers, college students, and even the elderly. In addition, given the simplicity of the appliance, it is a great tool for those just getting in the kitchen.

So, if your cooking healthy is part of your 2017 goals, you need to pick up an air fryer. It will save you on calories and time, and help you stay focused on fit. Register with us to track your calories and get emails of our fit recipes, including recipes made in our air fryer!


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