5 reasons why you should eat avocado today…

Who doesn’t love a huge bowl of guacamole at your local Mexican joint? Well, those perfectly ripe avocados make the dish divine…the only problem is for me…the chips that go with them! I definitely can’t stop with just a few! The good news is that avocados are incredibly healthy, and most of us need to eat avocado everyday for all of the health benefits!

But at least the avocados remove some of the guilt right? Avocados are officially another superfood, that we all need to integrate into our diet, and beyond that bowl of guacamole. In fact, you can eat avocado everyday, and integrate them into your diet in much healthier ways. Why? What’s the big deal? And is it worth the additional fat that comes with the avocado?

Why Eat Avocado Everyday?

  1. First, let’s review the nutrition – while avocados are high in fat, they are comprised of mostly monounsaturated fat, which actually helps in lowering LDLs, or the bad cholesterol. And fat isn’t always a bad thing, if paired with the right foods, say for example in a breakfast smoothie, it could help curb your hunger pangs til lunch!
  2. Secondly, they are high in fiber, which is so surprising, given the creamy and smooth texture. Fiber is essential help all of us stay regular, which is key for good health. And combine that fabulous fiber with the fat, and avocados will help you stay fuller, longer!
  3. When it comes to nutrients, avocados are high in potassium as well. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure, as it works against sodium in the body to regulate fluid levels at the cellular level.
  4. Other key nutrients that are found in avocados – high in lutein and folate. Lutein is critical for healthy eyes and folate is essential for growth, especially in pregnancy.
  5. Although not a citrus fruit, and actually a berry, avocados also offer high levels of vitamin B, which is thought to fight disease and infection, and also vitamin C and E, which are thought to prevent cancer.

Healthy Ways to Eat Avocado Everyday

  1. Start with a smoothie made with avocado, instead of banana. Both help achieve that creamy texture, but the avocado is lower in sugar than the banana! Try our Raspberry Pineapple Delight or Margarita Smoothie, both of which are made with avocado.
  2. Tomorrow morning, top your eggs with a little avocado or mash up some on wheat toast. Remember that 1/5 of an avocado is 50 calories, so use moderation, while enjoying this creamy treat!
  3. At lunch, dice up a little to make a richer salad. Rather than pouring on a fatty dressing, use the avocado to make your salad a little heartier, without the saturated fats from the dressing.
  4. At dinner, an avocado puree can make a great sauce for pasta and is much healthier than that alfredo sauce you were craving.

The best part of this superfood?? The taste! You definitely will enjoy every bite!



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