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5 reasons you should buy a multi cooker



It’s hard to believe we are just 5 days away from Christmas, and if you are like me, there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done! Yes, I probably bite off more than I can chew, but there is a lot of fun in the madness, right? Between a full-time day job (yes, we are launching another product), a launching side-gig (and retail businesses are on full throttle during the holidays), prepping for Christmas with 2 kids under 3 years old, and managing this blog, I barely have time to sleep! One of the best parts of Christmas is watching everyone get in the Christmas spirit, especially our toddler. And in order to have him enjoy the holiday even more (and truly appreciate the season), we have decided to spread out the holiday gift exchange over the month. First, it allows him to appreciate each gift and take time to play with each one. Secondly, he won’t get overwhelmed on Christmas morning in a sea of wrapping paper. It has been working great, and my husband and I have even done a few exchanges. This weekend, he gave me one of the best presents ever – a Fagor Multi Cooker. Over the past year, I had been eyeing these up on Amazon, but I had never even mentioned it to him. Somehow, he got it just right. Needless to say, we unwrapped our multi cooker on Friday and shockingly, we have already used it three times! What makes it such a great gift??

Benefits of a multi cooker

  1. 3-in-1. Just like that, we were able to clear out one of our cabinets of kitchen appliances. The rice cooker, the crock pot, and the pressure cooker were all added to the donation pile this holiday season. The multi cooker can create everything from simple brown rice to perfectly cooked black beans to creamy risottos with just the press of a button. It really is that simple.
  2. 1-button cooking. The multi cooker offers simple, easy-to-follow, 1-button cooking to create everything from soups to yogurt to risotto. Honestly, you can’t screw it up. It is perfect for those novice cooks or someone who is nervous to prepare a meal. You can even saute and prep your foods in the multi cooker first and then let the pot do the rest. And when there are lot of cooks in the kitchen on a big family holiday, you have added an additional cooking surface!
  3. Healthy & fast cooking. Obviously a passion of ours here at Focused on Fit, we take pride in preparing dinner at home most nights. With our busy schedules, just planning our meals can become a chore. And when you get home after 5pm without a plan, we are usually scrambling to make dinner (sometimes it is even scrambled eggs)! The multi cooker speeds up the cooking time and makes it incredibly simple. Last night we had risotto prepared and on the plate in just 15 minutes. It honestly took me longer to make our salad. And when it comes to healthy options, the multi cooker is incredible. Brown rice, steel cut oats – both in just minutes; there are not excuses to not eat healthy. And purchase the steamer basket as an attachment, and you can have perfectly steamed vegetables every night.
  4. Smaller portions. I was shocked by this one. My husband picked up an 8 quart Fagor Multi Cooker for us, and one of my biggest concerns was the size. Could we make just a cup of brown rice in this massive pot? And the answer was yes. This makes this appliance an everyday tool for us in the kitchen, earning it a spot on the counter. My 10-year old crock pot, which I always say I am going to use to make dinners easier, permanently lived in a cabinet, with the exception of days I made chili. Why? It was too big, and I could only make massive portions of food in it. It just wasn’t an everyday tool for my kitchen.
  5. Easy to clean. Who hasn’t purchased a crock pot liner before? Those things are just messy and a bear to clean. Is it the ceramic pot that makes it so challenging? Who knows. The multi cooker pot is much lighter than the crock pot, easily pops out and can be cleaned in minutes in soapy water. Sometimes cleaning is the real deal-breaker in choosing the right kitchen appliance, right?!

If you still have some holiday shopping to complete, and you have an expert chef or even a nervous cook on your list, consider the Fagor Multi Cooker. Believe me, you will have picked up the best gift of the holiday!

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