Our fitness articles overview some of the basics in exercise, including insights into cardio exercise and weight training. When it comes to cardio, one of our passions is running, as we have completed numerous races including half-marathons and marathons. Based on this experience and knowledge, we will be featuring many blogposts on running, racing, our running essentials, and tips that we have learned along the way. We are also very passionate about weight-training, as it is the key to increasing muscle mass and metabolism to aide in weight loss. Within our blogs, we will also provide suggested weight-training workouts which may help target or tone a specific area. Additionally, we will provide weight-training workouts for specific lifestyles, like working out on the go, using just your body weight. Finally, we feature articles on the latest trends in fitness like cycling, barre, boot camps or yoga. .

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Why is Wall Pilates so popular?

Do you love at-home workouts? I do! I love the accessibility of these workouts, the ability to do them anytime during the day and most importantly, I don’t have to get childcare every time I plan a workout. What’s the latest trend in at-home workouts? Wall Pilates! In case you missed it, everyone is doing […]


How do you know when you’re stressed?

Well, hello there. Yes, it’s been too long. I know. 12 months to be exact. Yes, we had a baby, but there has been a lot of other things going on in our world. And in your world too. So, I hope you have given yourself some grace, as I did, so let’s talk about […]

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Our Top 5 Amazon Prime Day Deals

How would we have survived the pandemic and the height of the quarantine without Amazon? No, seriously, I think some of our neighbors have even commented on the quantity of deliveries that we do get to our home. Let’s just put it this way – we took the pandemic very seriously, lol. Thankfully, we have […]


Can a group workout replace happy hour?

One of the biggest fitness trends of 2020 – an increasing popularity of group workouts. In fact, some say it will begin to replace the social standard of happy hour. In America, this would be a huge shift in our culture. American culture finds it more socially acceptable to imbibe in a few drinks rather […]


The Amazing Health Benefits of Apples

It’s the day of the apple. Don’t you love these National Celebration Days – like every other day is National Margarita Day. Cheers to that! No, seriously, today is National Apple Day in the US! And who doesn’t love an apple?? And more importantly a trip to the farm to go apple picking. It’s that […]


Natural heartburn remedies

36 weeks pregnant. Our baby boy is the size of a papaya. No wonder I have been feeling the pressure and discomfort after a meal. Most nights, this manifests itself in a crazy amount of heartburn. Heartburn may very well be the worst pregnancy symptom in the 3rd trimester, where all I want to do […]


Guided Meditation for Beginners

Most people who have not learned how to meditate hear the word “meditation” and immediately conjure up the image of a serene person sitting in a cross-legged position on the floor with their eyes closed. This image is a stereotype and just one of hundreds of different techniques that can be employed for meditation.The reality […]


The Science Behind Flaxseed

Flaxseed is becoming a very popular superfood. It is often used in smoothies, on salads, baked goods, and even recently have been ground up and added to pasta noodles. With so many things now including flax or flax oil, what is the science behind flaxseed? Science behind Flaxseed – what are the claims? There is no […]


Why you should Eat Greens Everyday

Greens are universally panned as being a healthy and beneficial food group. They include collard greens, kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, and more. While everyone agrees that they are healthy, not many people add it to their diet. Let alone eats it on the daily. So why should eat greens every day, and how to […]