One of the biggest benefits of living a fit lifestyle is an improvement in overall health. Our health articles will feature guidance on choosing a fit lifestyle to improve both quantity and quality of life. It has been proven that physical fitness and exercise can help one’s health in countless ways. Our blog posts will feature these health-related topics, including how exercise can aide in weight loss, increase in muscle mass (and thereby increasing metabolism), and how these can affect a variety of therapeutic areas in the body. Highlighting topics like heart health, diabetes, bone health, and cancer we will discuss ways in which living a fit lifestyle will improve ones medical health.

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin C

We are thick in the middle of cold, flu and COVID season, and everyone is coughing or has the sniffles right? Is it a cold or an allergy? Regardless, the minute we hear a cough or a sneeze, so many think to take your vitamins. When you think of one of the ultimate vitamins for […]

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How Sleep Can Impact Your Fitness Routine

When you’re plotting out your personal fitness goals and putting a plan in place to achieve them, you’ll likely concentrate most on the more obvious aspects. The type of exercises for your target areas, amendments to your diet, and the frequency of your workouts are all important to figure out, and crucial to your overall […]


Can A Plant-Based Help Diet Lower High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension, otherwise known as High Blood Pressure, is something that can be otherwise unnoticed unless you are checked by a doctor. However, it can be indicative of huge health problems down the road if not treated. So, that said, what exactly is hypertension (high blood pressure), and how can a plant-based diet lower high blood pressure? […]

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The Dangers of Sitting

Sitting is something that all of us do, and many of us do a lot more than others. Whether it is sitting on the commute to work, sitting at home, or sitting down to eat, there is no debate that inactivity is a popular thing. In fact, this can have serious impacts on our lives […]

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The Science Behind Nightshade Vegetables

There is a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to Nightshade Vegetables. Many claim that they cause inflammation while others claim that they are beneficial against inflammation. But who is right? Well, let’s check the science and see for ourselves.  What are Nightshade Vegetables? Nightshade Vegetables are a group of vegetables also […]

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Should You Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables?

When it comes to eating better, does it really matter if you consume organic over conventional? There are a few benefits that organic may have over their more conventional counterparts. There also may be a few reasons to avoid organic as well. Let’s take a look at both sides, shall we? Organic Fruits and Vegetables […]

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5 Simple Strategies for Everyday Stress Relief

Our bodies are a marvel. Our brain’s innate stress response system is there to help us recognize when a situation is dangerous and needs to be dealt with. The term “stress” originated from physics and related to physical pressure, or stress, being placed on an object and causing it to change. In our fast-paced modern times, […]

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Can Vegans Follow a Keto Diet?

The Ketogenic diet is growing in popularity, with many people swearing by its practices for weight loss and health. However, when it comes to a vegan diet, eating keto can be incredibly hard. A typical keto diet is often based around high-fat animal foods, like meat and dairy products. But it is entirely possible. You […]


Sunscreen Explained

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we want to lay it on thick (pun intended) when it comes to your education around sunscreen. We hope to answer your questions and gear you up for a healthy and safe summer, so here goes: Sunscreens Explained. Do you understand how sunscreens work? What does it mean […]