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Clean Egg Muffins – A High Protein Snack on the Go

In December of 2010, my husband and I decided to take the step and go vegetarian. As a foodie, this was a huge step, but I wanted to see if I could do it for at least a month. Having the support of a loved one, especially the one you live with, was critical – it made it much easier. We tried for the month of January. At first it was difficult, especially with my travel schedule. Hotels and restaurants, even in larger cities where I was traveling were only so accommodating. It is surprising how much that has changed in the last 4 years – for the better. But back then, it was difficult. Not only finding vegetarian options, but more importantly finding healthy vegetarian options. Everyone was willing to offer me a plate of pasta topped with a cheese cream sauce, but I wasn’t trying to sacrifice healthy eating for my vegetarianism. I was committed to being a vegetarian that actually ate vegetables!

And then there was the sentiment that I always heard – are you getting enough protein? Aren’t you hungry all the time? Well, yes, it’s easy to get enough protein – if you plan your meals. And no, I am not hungry all the time – if I plan out my meals. The kitchen was the solution. I had to cook and plan my meals in advance, usually cooking my meals for the week on Saturday or Sunday, and packing my meals in a lunchbox as I head out for work. I packed a lunchbox everyday with my healthy, high-protein vegetarian meals – and I was still able to get the job done!

One solution to a clean meal, which was chock full of protein and vegetables – the Clean Egg Muffin. Made with your favorite vegetables, and a mixture of egg whites and eggs, one muffin is only 78 calories and offers 8g of protein. Eat 2 muffins for lunch with some fruit and you have a healthy well-balanced meal, perfect for a vegetarian (who eats eggs)!

Clean Egg Muffin recipe and nutritional information