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Cyclebar – Premium Indoor Cycling

Now that my foot is all better – I think I’m fully healed – I’m ready to get back to some serious exercise. On July 4, I celebrated my Independence Day with a 3 mile run. It wasn’t all running, but I did it. And it felt great. Now I’m hoping to hit the gym regularly – get back to running and hit the weights too! Another goal of mine is to check out all of these boutique fitness options. Cycle studios, boot camp facilities, hot yoga, even a plank studio (can’t wait to try this one) are going to make the list! And I hope to share my experiences with all of you! This weekend I finally got to check out the latest cycle studio in Richmond – Cyclebar – Premium Indoor Cycling!

Cyclebar RVA

Cyclebar RVA

Not only was it a great workout, but I also got in a little friend time, as I scheduled a workout date with a friend that I haven’t seen in weeks (aside from the pediatrician’s office with our kiddos). Eating right and working out are clearly in the recipe for wellness, but don’t neglect your soul. That spirit of friendship and community is key for our personal wellness. More on the topic in the future….

What is CycleBar?

I digress, back to CycleBar. This high energy, intense indoor cycling workout is exactly what this tired mommy needed after a long week of responsibilities! From the sign up process (online or through an app) to the personal welcome and free snacks, this studio has thought of everything! CycleBar is a franchised cycle studio based in Boston that launched back in 2004 by a brother-sister team. Their vision was to provide great instructors, great music and a great environment, offering a high energy indoor cycling concept. They also claim to have top notch concierge service. I was thoroughly impressed. Not only was I greeted with my name and quickly invited to sign in on the pre-populated registration form on iPads, but my cycle shoes in my size were in the cubby designated for my assigned bike. After switching out my shoes, I was encouraged to place my belongings in a locker and provided a towel for the workout. Oh, and on the way in, there was a fishbowl full of ponytail holders, just in case I forgot mine. It really is the little things that you remember.

My Workout Experience

Danny did an amazing job of challenging all of us throughout the class. For 50 minutes, I was huffing and puffing, while enjoying the hip hop musing of the 90s and 2000s. While I loved the music, it is clear that this indoor cycling studio knows its demographic of late 30-something soccer mom in suburban Richmond, VA, and they cranked out the tunes. Filled with pushups, tap backs and even a weighted bar, the class was more than just a traditional spin class. Last but not least, Cyclebar offers a leaderboard, which is on display at varying points throughout the class. Every member of the class is ranked based on their power score, calories burned, and RPM. This is great not just for competition, but to follow personal progression in future classes. In addition, the rows of bikes in the theater were considered teams and as a team were trying to outperform the other teams. While there was a competitive spirit, it didn’t have the man-to-man competition that I felt at OrangeTheory Fitness, where the leaderboard was on constant display, and there were not team competitions.

What does it Cost?

When it comes down to it, boutique fitness is all the rage. Everyone is bouncing from one studio to another, trying to get the best workout, while meeting their needs for variety. In this area, CycleBar – Premium Indoor Cycling – runs $22/ride for only 1 drop-in class. Obviously the bigger packages offer better pricing options for each class. I struggle with investing in a significant membership in any of these boutique facilities, because I may get bored, plus we continue to spend for a family at a full-size gym. At the end of the day, I will continue to frequent these fun boutique studios, for the energy, sense of community and fun that comes with their programs.

What are your thoughts? Where do you workout? Do you need a community of friends to support you in your workouts? If so, register on our site!