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Eating healthy on the road

If you travel as much as I do, it is sometimes hard to find a healthy option on the road.  Whether you are on the interstate or in the terminal, healthy, fresh, low-calorie options are very difficult to find.  Layer on special diets, like gluten-free or vegetarian, and your options are even more limited.  Whatever you do, don’t resort to a bag of potato chips the next time you are at the airport!  With a little planning, you can stick to your new lifestyle of healthy eating choices.

Our tips to eating healthy on the road

1.Pack snacks that you enjoy, and you can control your intake.  Consider almonds (in moderation, of course), fresh fruit, vegetables and hummus, yogurt or even hard-boiled eggs.  Depending on where you are traveling, you can even find this items pre-packaged in certain airport terminals.

2.Eat often, and in smaller meals.  Experts say this is the key to staying healthy and losing weight, so don’t deviate from this when you are on the road.  If you get too hungry, you are going to be more tempted and willing to stand in line at Cinnabon!

3.Eat a little protein at every meal – even your snacks.  That protein will stabilize your blood sugar, enhance your concentration, and keep you strong.

4.When you pull off the interstate, stay away from fast food, and shop at grocery stores or even drugstores for the healthiest meals.  If you go to a McDonald’s, you instantly limit your choices to mostly unhealthy options.  Pulling into a CVS will offer you the option of protein bars, nuts, maybe even Greek yogurt in their refrigerated section.

5.Drink lots of water.  Water can be a snack and it will fill you up and curb your cravings!

Ideas for snacks on the road

Our Clean Egg Muffin – use Sunday night as your meal prep night for the week, and you have snacks all week. I take these in a small lunchbox cooler in my car and snack on them mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Two muffins make a great lunch with a small salad.

Small bag of soy crisps or baked potato chips + baby carrots + 6-oz container nonfat yogurt (nonfat Greek yogurt is a bonus, with twice as much protein as traditional yogurts)

Small bag or sleeve of nuts (no more than 2 oz) + an apple, banana, orange or other piece of whole fruit

Small container of fat free cottage cheese with 1/2 cup of pineapple or strawberries.

Small bag or sleeve of nuts, especially almonds or pistachios + a small box of raisins + a mini-box of cereal. Combine to make your own trail mix.

Turkey Jerky (stick with 1 to 2 oz because of the high salt content) + small frozen yogurt, topped with fresh fruit (optional)

Piece of whole fruit + 2 oz sunflower seeds (ideally unsalted).

An apple + 1 or 2 lowfat string cheeses or Laughing Cow Light triangles

Granola or nutrition bar (I like Nature Valley, Kind, Clif, Luna, Lärabar) + medium or large skim latte or cappuccino