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The Science Behind Flaxseed

Flaxseed is becoming a very popular superfood. It is often used in smoothies, on salads, baked goods, and even recently have been ground up and added to pasta noodles. With so many things now including flax or flax oil, what is the science behind flaxseed? Science behind Flaxseed – what are the claims? There is no […]


Why you should Eat Greens Everyday

Greens are universally panned as being a healthy and beneficial food group. They include collard greens, kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, and more. While everyone agrees that they are healthy, not many people add it to their diet. Let alone eats it on the daily. So why should eat greens every day, and how to […]


Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Yoga goes hand in hand with resolving back pain. Known for its mind-body approach and relaxation techniques, yoga use a series of poses to work your lower back and boost flexibility and strength. In fact, yoga has been studied and shown to be effective in helping reduce back pain.  Today we’ll look at 10 yoga […]

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How Sleep Can Impact Your Fitness Routine

When you’re plotting out your personal fitness goals and putting a plan in place to achieve them, you’ll likely concentrate most on the more obvious aspects. The type of exercises for your target areas, amendments to your diet, and the frequency of your workouts are all important to figure out, and crucial to your overall […]


Intuitive Eating: Digging into the Latest Un-Diet Trend

Thanks to social media, it feels like we are inundated with photos and videos about different diet and fitness fads on a daily basis. From Keto and Paleo to Whole30 and the Alkaline Diet, dozens of new dieting methods seem to gain popularity and then fade away. Instead of trying to limit your body’s intake, […]


Can A Plant-Based Help Diet Lower High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension, otherwise known as High Blood Pressure, is something that can be otherwise unnoticed unless you are checked by a doctor. However, it can be indicative of huge health problems down the road if not treated. So, that said, what exactly is hypertension (high blood pressure), and how can a plant-based diet lower high blood pressure? […]

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Weight loss starts in the kitchen, not the gym

How long did it take to get on that treadmill today? Was the gym crazy crowded when you arrived? The new year phenomenon is great – everyone making resolutions (or as I prefer to call them, intentions) at this time of year and many are hitting the gym with vigor. I love it. The sense […]

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The Dangers of Sitting

Sitting is something that all of us do, and many of us do a lot more than others. Whether it is sitting on the commute to work, sitting at home, or sitting down to eat, there is no debate that inactivity is a popular thing. In fact, this can have serious impacts on our lives […]


8 Yoga Poses for Core Strengthening of the Abdominal Muscles and Lower Back

Having a strong core enables us to stand tall, sit up straight, be centered and walk our talk with purpose. Often, when we think of “core strength”, we think exclusively of abs. Yet core strengthening is about much more than attaining a toned six-pack. We must also pay attention to the back of the core, […]