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PLAN to get fit!

If you’re like me, you commit yourself everyday to being fit.  For me that means, hitting my nutritional goals, which is more than staying below my calorie goal.  It involves, eating the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, while also increasing my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water.  For […]


Vegan Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

It’s fall in the mid-Atlantic and one of my favorite times of the year. The leaves are changing, and the cooler temps mean sweatpants, jeans and sweaters. The air is crisp and it means the holidays are quickly approaching… Another favorite part of the fall season – pumpkin spice! It’s all around us, and probably […]


Is Your Salad Really Healthy?

As new parents, despite our best efforts, my husband and I often have to turn to takeout during the week for dinner.  We try and make healthy choices, even when we order takeout, usually sticking with places where there are clean, vegetarian or seafood options.  Last week, we had a really tough week with work, […]


Simple and savory veggie burgers!

As a vegetarian for almost 4 years, there are many days that I still crave a burger.  Especially as the the summer winds down, some days are still warm enough to enjoy a cookout on the grill. But it’s not the ground beef or ground turkey that I crave, it’s the fun of building a […]

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Clean Egg Muffins – A High Protein Snack on the Go

In December of 2010, my husband and I decided to take the step and go vegetarian. As a foodie, this was a huge step, but I wanted to see if I could do it for at least a month. Having the support of a loved one, especially the one you live with, was critical – […]


Meditate to Achieve Well-Being

If you are like me, you wear a lot of hats everyday…wife, mother, full-time employee, daughter, sister, friend. There are countless people I have to check in with or report to everyday; the responsibilities are endless and so is the stress. By the end of the day, I usually feel the stress creep into my […]

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Eating healthy on the road

If you travel as much as I do, it is sometimes hard to find a healthy option on the road.  Whether you are on the interstate or in the terminal, healthy, fresh, low-calorie options are very difficult to find.  Layer on special diets, like gluten-free or vegetarian, and your options are even more limited.  Whatever […]