Superfood – the Sweet Potato

Given that our focus is Eating Clean in 2016, I will be highlighting a couple of superfoods every month – the nutritional content, the health benefits, and a recipe or two that you can incorporate into your repertoire. Let’s start the year with a fabulous winter vegetable and superfood – the sweet potato!


Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy Sweet Potatoes

I know that many of you probably have sweet potatoes every Thanksgiving, usually in a super-sweet casserole, topped with brown sugar and marshmallows, but why not incorporate this delicious vegetable into your daily routine.

Health benefits of the Sweet Potato

Not only is a sweet potato delicious all on its own (no brown sugar, no marshmallows), but it is chock full of nutrients! They are packed with calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C – in fact, one 3.5 oz serving of a baked sweet potato comprises 15% of the daily recommendation of vitamin A and 47% of the daily recommendation of vitamin C.

As far as health benefits, they are packed with 7g of fiber in each serving, making it an excellent choice for weight management, because it burns slower after a meal. That orange color of the sweet potato offers a healthy dose of beta-carotene in each serving, which deflects and repairs skin damage from UV exposure, which is pretty amazing. Finally, sweet potatoes are considered heart healthy due to a dose of vitamin B6, which is responsible for helping to keep blood vessels flexible and prevents hardening of these vessels in heart disease, and a dose of potassium, which helps in reducing sodium levels throughout the body and lowers blood pressure.

An easy weeknight Sweet Potato recipe

Looking for an easy weeknight recipe that incorporates sweet potatoes?? Try our Italian Kale and White Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato, which makes and excellent side dish to any entree. We use Pacific Foods Vegetable Broth to make this dish really sing! Super easy to throw together and truly delicious!




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