Creating and sharing healthy recipes

Weight loss is made in the kitchen, not the gym. No matter how hard you try in the gym, if you don’t watch what you eat, you will not lose the weight. And at the heart of it, cooking your own meals is the best way to control what goes in your mouth. It is simply too difficult to control the calories going in, when you aren’t in charge in the kitchen. In 2016, less than 60% of all meals eaten in an American home will be prepared at home. That is outrageous – no wonder we are facing an obesity epidemic. 

At Focused on Fit, our goal is to house a library of recipes that are not only healthy and fit, but tasty and succulent as well. We have fine-tuned and perfected these recipes over the years, and feature many different cuisines and courses for your use everyday throughout the year. Main course, sides dishes, breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Even smoothies, healthy snacks and desserts. In many cases, we have refined a comfort classic like Pad Thai, with healthier ingredients so that no one has to sacrifice their comfort cravings for takeout. 

One of our biggest methods for weight loss lies in meal planning and meal prep – where you map our your meals for the week on Sunday, and prepare all of your food that day. The theory is to plan out your meals, so that you aren’t tempted and you aren’t eating on the fly, where you have a chance to make bad choices. Make your food choices once during the week, and you have one less thing to think about and less opportunities to deviate from your goal. We have great recipes that help you plan ahead, including our Clean Egg Muffins, which make a great lunch option on the go. At only 78 calories and 8g of protein, each muffin is the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. 

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of the Focused on Fit site is the ability to create recipes. All users can create their own recipes and build them into the site. Once created, with all ingredients and their portions– our site will calculate the nutritional value for that dish, by serving size. And the best part – you can share these recipes with friends through the site. 

This can be especially useful at home or even on the go, if you are conditioned to order the same salad or burrito bowl at your favorite takeout joint. Create a recipe for your favorite concoction and log it every time. 

With our recipe management page and healthy recipes on the site, cooking can be fun again! Time to get in the kitchen! Sign up for free and get started creating and sharing healthy recipes!