Main Dishes

The masterpiece, the centerpiece, the main course. Our Main Dishes are just that – the star. Yet all of our main dish recipes stay true to our mission – focused on fit. Sometimes, they are vegetarian or a seafood option, but one this is always certain, they are tasty and healthy. You will not feel the guilt with our main dish selections.

And as always, you can search our site for nutritious and delicious main dish options. But when you register with Focused on Fit, you can create the recipe for your favorite main dish with us. We will then calculate the nutritional value and you will immediately know the caloric value.


Cottage Pie

Need a comfort food on a cold night – opt for this healthy version of cottage pie. Completely vegan, and topped with a superfood sweet potato, you can’t go wrong with this hearty dish. If you like additional heat, add a 1/2 chopped jalepeno to the pie filling. You will be begging for more!


Salmon And Goji Berry Curry

If you\’ve never had a good curry dish before, you are missing out. This one will definitely hit the mark – the salmon is the perfect meat for this dish as it absorbs all of the delicious curry sauce. And the bulgar wheat – if you have never tried it – is fluffy and not […]


Stuffed Sweet Potato With Vegan Chorizo Chili

Holy flavor batman. This is not your typical chili baked potato from Wendys. When you have the spices of of the vegan chili on top of the sweetness of a yam, it is a match made in heaven. You won’t go back to a standard russet again.


Vegan Arrabiata Bolognese

Wow. Who knew you could make a complete vegan version of spicy bolognese that was this good??? I am loving the spice and the healthy option on pasta night.


Katsu Tofu Burger

Who knew a tofu burger could be this delicious??!! Instead of the empty carbs of frying in panko, this recipe opts for flaxseed meal, which ups your fiber intake as well. Super delicious, yet healthy and high protein!


Tikka Tofu Kebabs

What a delicious and healthy way to get your Indian food fix. These tofu kebabs are full of flavor, but low on sodium and fat. Plus, you can make it totally plant-based by subbing out the Greek yogurt for a plant-based option.


Red Lentil Ragu

Craving pasta without the heavy carbs??? This Red Lentil Ragu hits all your cravings while managing to stay low carb, low fat and high in protein. Also, no added sugar or salt, yet so much flavor!!! You won’t be sorry about this incredible dish.