Main Dishes

The masterpiece, the centerpiece, the main course. Our Main Dishes are just that – the star. Yet all of our main dish recipes stay true to our mission – focused on fit. Sometimes, they are vegetarian or a seafood option, but one this is always certain, they are tasty and healthy. You will not feel the guilt with our main dish selections.

And as always, you can search our site for nutritious and delicious main dish options. But when you register with Focused on Fit, you can create the recipe for your favorite main dish with us. We will then calculate the nutritional value and you will immediately know the caloric value.


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living Chicken And No Dumplings

Don’t skimp on comfort with this meal. Cold nights on a diet = this recipe. Throw this in the crockpot and you won’t have to feel guilty about “indulging” at the end of the night. Yum!


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers

Who said you can’t eat Mexican and stay healthy??!! It doesn’t have to be loaded with fat from cheese and sour cream. Go non-dairy and max out on the spices and you will not be sorry. So delish!


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living Rustic Zucchini Tian

This dish looks like summer in a pan. Fresh summer zucchini is on full display and you will not be sorry when you serve up this dish.


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living Mexican Sweet Potato

If you are craving the flavors of Mexican takeout, but want to save on all the extra carbs and fat, this is the recipe for you. And you can throw this together with everything that is on hand in your pantry. Couple it with the superfood base of a sweet potato and voila – dinner […]


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living Veggie Fried Rice

Put down the phone. Don’t order that takeout. Opt for this incredible low sodium, soy-free, vegan option for fried rice, which is loaded with veggies. All your cravings satisfied and you won’t feel the guilt!


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living – Slow Cooker White Bean Stew

Set it and forget it. That’s what makes this comforting stew even better. Best made on a busy weekday, when no one has time to think about dinner. Throw it all in your crockpot before you leave for work and hit start. It will be done when you get home. Delicious and comforting for a […]


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living – Tomato Basil Sandwiches

Don’t go out to lunch and waste time, money and added calories. Let’s be honest, you don’t know what is added to your food when you don’t prepare it. Make this sandwich in less than 10 minutes. You can’t even place an order and pick up your lunch in that time.


Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living – Lentil Loaf

Comfort food. It’s a must. But how do you make it feel good without feeling guilty? This Lentil Loaf offers all of the comfort of meatloaf, without the high fat or high cholesterol that comes with an animal-based meal. So yummy.


Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living – Quinoa Burgers

Veggie burgers, rejoice. Yes, there are so many veggie burger options available now at the grocery store. If you take a few minutes to make your own burgers, you will not regret it. No preservatives, low sodium, and you know what’s in your food! These are plant-based protein that are worth every bite.