Salads are amazing, right? When you walk through that salad bar, and you load up with so many ingredients – mixed greens, carrots, grape tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, onions, garbanzo beans, olives, shredded cheese, croutons, and dressing – it’s gotta be healthy, right? Healthier than option for that cheeseburger, right? Maybe. Just maybe.

Honestly, salads can be so deceiving. After you load it all up, you usually have walked away with an entree that you can’t finish (your eyes were bigger than your stomach), and a salad that may be close to hitting 1000 calories, depending on your toppings (cheese, croutons, nuts and dressing are the biggest culprits). Our salads are tested and will keep you honest (and healthier).

Don’t graze that salad bar and guess! Register with Focused on Fit, and you can create the recipe for your favorite salad (from Whole Foods, Chipotle, Saladworks, etc – we know you always get it the same way) with us. We will then calculate the nutritional value and you will immediately know the caloric value.


Avocado, Tomato, Cucumber & Red Onion Salad

This salad always gets me in the mood for summer! Garden-fresh tomatoes make this salad even juicier, and the addition of a creamy, perfectly ripe avocado send this salad over the top. Perfect for your next summer potluck or shower. Your guests will keep coming back to enjoy this healthy, fresh salad.


Tofu Thai Chopped Salad

We were craving Thai food when we came up with this gem. Unfortunately, both of us were dieting, so no takeout. And the biggest bonus of cooking for yourself? Freshest high quality ingredients, lower sodium, and more gratifying than a store bought takeout meal.


Mixed Green Salad With Beets, Feta, Roasted Walnuts And Thyme-Roasted Parsnips & Onions

If you’ve never had a parsnip, you’re like most of the world. I had never had one until a few years ago, and I never even realized how delicious they would taste. The cousin to the carrot, when you cook them up, they turn out even sweeter! Paired with all veggies atop this salad and […]