Sauces Dressings

Sauces and dressings can make or break your meal. And oftentimes, we rely on sauces or dressings that are store-bought. Well, when that happens, they are loaded with preservatives and sodium – ugh. There’s a reason their shelf-life is so long! Who wants to eat something that can stay in your pantry for six months without changing its constitution??!!

Our sauces and dressings are quick and easy to make and will help you enhance the flavor of your dish, without incurring the calories, fat or sodium.

Don’t top your meal with that store-bought sauce or dressing! Register with Focused on Fit, and you can create the recipe for your sauce or dressing with us. We will then calculate the nutritional value and you will immediately know the caloric value.


5 Minute Fire-Roasted Salsa

Never buy jarred salsa again! Your friends will rave about this fresh and spicy salsa. Make a batch over the weekend, and you will enjoy all week.


Cumin-Lime Vinaigrette

Don’t waste your money or fridge space storing bottles of salad dressing. Control your sugar and caloric intake and make your own. Try this zesty dressing on your favorite salad. Perfect for a southwestern or Mexican dish!


Garden Fresh Basil Pesto

Look at the color of this pesto. It is incredible and will zest up any recipe. Top on pasta, veggies or even a burger. You will love the flavor of fresh, homemade pesto instead of a jarred, storebought version.


Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

Homemade dressing will jazz up your salad in minutes. Don’t waste money or fridge space on multiple bottles of salad dressing. They are usually loaded with sugar and calories anyway. Use the ingredients in your fridge and make a fresh and zesty dressing! Store in airtight container and it will last 5 days.