Side Dishes

Sometimes the best part of a meal are the side dishes. But you don’t always have to got for a buttery, fatty casserole as your side dish. Our side dishes are healthy and fit, yet remain delicious for the entire family. And everyone of them would be great for your next potluck!

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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Omg. A delicious take on quinoa salad with a Mediterranean twist. Loaded with tastes of the Greek islands, including kalamata olives, feta cheese and asparagus, this salad is perfect for your next potluck or shower. Enjoy as a side dish or as a healthy lunch when topped with salmon or chicken.


Spicy Vegan Black Beans

That pile of refried beans has nothing on our Spicy Black Beans. Completely vegan, the addition of jalepeno, garlic and fire-roasted tomatoes makes these black beans sing. You will love these for Taco Tuesday!


Sweet Potato & Kale Gratin

This dish is one of our most liked and perfect for the holiday season. It has all the flavor of a traditional gratin, with less than 1/4 of the fat given the cheese content. Plus with 2 major superfoods, you will feel fabulous after noshing on a serving of this dish.


Southwest Lentil Salad

What a great alternative to pasta salad at your next potluck. This Lentil Salad is free from dairy, so it will last a full day at a potluck without spoiling. Lentils aren’t usually part of the North American diet, so many will be shocked to see their use in a Southwestern flavored salad.


Cabbage Pesto ‘Pasta’

Looking for an alternative to pasta? Vegetable noodles are the best way to satisfy your craving without the added carbs and calories. Who knew cabbage could serve as a pasta alternative. Keeping the cabbage al dente during the cooking process helps the taste and texture even more. You won’t be disappointed with this dish. Bon […]


Italian Kale & White Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato

Watch out Meatless Monday! This recipe will be sure to satisfy your entire family. Not only are sweet potatoes and kale a superfood, but this dish comes together beautifully, and in under an hour. Yes, it looks like a side dish for the holidays, but we love it anytime of the year.


Indian-Spiced Brown Rice

Somehow the rice at the local Indian restaurant always tastes better than rice at home. Why is that? They take a couple of extra steps and season it perfectly. Follow this recipe for Indian-spiced Brown Rice to make your at-home version just as tasty!