Side Dishes

Sometimes the best part of a meal are the side dishes. But you don’t always have to got for a buttery, fatty casserole as your side dish. Our side dishes are healthy and fit, yet remain delicious for the entire family. And everyone of them would be great for your next potluck!

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Sweet Potato Patties

You don’t have to feel guilty about these cute potato patties! Loaded with sweet potato, these pack a superfood punch when topped with a fried egg! What a great way to start your day!


Mexican Black Beans

Move over Moe’s. If you are looking for an authentic side dish to your next taco night, look no further. Or better yet, use these beans as your filler for taco night. Full on flavor, but not on salt, given the homemade seasonings. So yummy!


Thyme Roasted Parsnips And Onions

Truth? I never even knew about parsnips until 8 years ago. Yet, they are a very American vegetable and readily available in our grocery stores. Once you try this cousin of the carrot, your life will be forever changed. Starchy like a potato, sweet like a carrot with the bitterness of a turnip, these root […]


Wild Mushroom And Swiss Chard Stuffing

My favorite part of the Thanksgiving table – stuffing. And this one takes the cake. I simple can’t get enough of the variety of mushrooms in this dish. Umami is clearly my jam and this dish is loaded with umami!


Quinoa Corn Fritter

If you are looking for an easy and delicious way to try a plant-based protein, look no further. These fritters utilize the powerhouse of quinoa to fuel your protein needs. You can use 1-2 fritters as a side dish or pile it on as your protein main dish. Perfect for a summer cookout!