Cabbage Pesto ‘Pasta’

Looking for an alternative to pasta? Vegetable noodles are the best way to satisfy your craving without the added carbs and calories. Who knew cabbage could serve as a pasta alternative. Keeping the cabbage al dente during the cooking process helps the taste and texture even more. You won’t be disappointed with this dish. Bon […]


Garden Fresh Basil Pesto

Look at the color of this pesto. It is incredible and will zest up any recipe. Top on pasta, veggies or even a burger. You will love the flavor of fresh, homemade pesto instead of a jarred, storebought version.


Italian Kale & White Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato

Watch out Meatless Monday! This recipe will be sure to satisfy your entire family. Not only are sweet potatoes and kale a superfood, but this dish comes together beautifully, and in under an hour. Yes, it looks like a side dish for the holidays, but we love it anytime of the year.